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Hailey, 20

Hailey, from Louisiana, a 20 year old cancer survivor has always dreamed about being a dental assistant after finishing high school.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16 and after 2 surgeries and chemotherapy it was time for her to fulfill her dream.  The foundation assisted her by paying tuition and other expenses related to the certification as a dental assistant.

Stephanie, 22

Stephanie from South Carolina, 22 years old Stephanie is a brain cancer survivor, attending nursing school, who learned through her experience with cancer, “what a nurse who truly cares about her job and has compassion for patient looks like and acts like.” So Stephanie discovered exactly what she wanted to do with her nursing degree, become a pediatric oncologist. Assisted with book money for

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Brittney, 23

Brittney from Virginia, 23 years old Brittney is a brain cancer survivor who enjoys helping people. She was considering a career where she could do just that and the career path she chose was to become a massage therapist. She is currently enrolled in Massage Therapy School and we were able to assist her by financing half of her tuition. I had a chance

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Teacher, 23

Teacher from NYC, 23 Years old This recipient has been dealing with brain and spinal tumors since the age of 13, treatment including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. During some her treatments she was able to attend college and graduate with a teaching degree. She is embarking upon a career as a middle school English Language Arts teacher in NYC. With our assistance she will

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Standing Strong Poem

STANDING STRONG People are brought into the world for a reason It doesn’t matter what season People are born to be dancers or painters Others are here to be changers The changers are the ones who see Differently than you and me They see the importance of things And what life brings Some leave at a young age But make a bigger change Than

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