Molly, of Los Angelos, California.

Molly is a 2015 Binghamton University graduate who had made plans after her graduation to go to Israel and get her masters in Jewish Education. Unfortunately “life” had a different plan for her. She was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer shortly after graduation. Molly shared with the foundation “I endured months of chemotherapy, loss of independence, loss of community, and loss of inner strength. Suddenly the stress of class schedules, grades, and friends moving far away was put into perspective.” During her treatment she was inspired by the social workers; their care and attention gave her the strength to make it to the next day. So onto a new plan for her life; Molly is attending UCLA for her Masters in Social Welfare. She is currently in remission and “working on putting her life back together.” Molly also expressed that “the hardest part of cancer is not the diagnosis, treatment or surgery, but it is picking up the pieces after all is said and done.”

The foundation was able to assist Molly so she can attend UCLA and lessen her financial stress.